The Value of Discipline and Patience

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  The Value of Discipline and Patience (2 min. read) By Michael Franks, Iraq/Afghanistan Combat Infantry Veteran, Vantage Senior Wealth Advisor War is hell, and in this increasingly virtually-connected life we live in, that hell could potentially cause folks to make emotional decisions about their investments, potentially crippling their long-term plans.

Working With Vantage as Your RIA

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  Working With Vantage as a Fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor (3 min. read) What is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)? A Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) is an individual financial advisor or a company that provides its clients with financial advice. Unlike other types of financial advisors, RIAs have a fiduciary duty

“Take 10” – An End-Of-Year Financial Checklist

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  “Take 10” – An End-Of-Year Financial Checklist (2 min. read) This is a good time to look back on the past 12 months and look ahead to a new year. Be honest as you hit these 10 key check points for managing your finances and reviewing goals and objectives. This

Savings: Think Thousands, Not Nickels and Dimes

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  Savings:  Think Thousands, Not Nickels and Dimes (2.3 min. read) By Ben Uphoff, Vantage Partner & Wealth Advisor Business discussion groups we attend talk about the many tips offered for saving money in your budget. Problem is, these are “nickel and diming” options. Canceling Netflix, not going to the coffee

John Neff-One of the Investment Greats-“Was Decent to the Core”

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John Neff–One of the Investment Greats–“Was Decent To The Core” John Neff, (1931- 2019), is a son of Ohio who produced one of the best long-term records of any money manager ever. He loved finding stocks that were unpopular and had hidden potential, then bought them in bulk. Mr. Neff managed the Vanguard Windsor

Planning Your Retirement Budget

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Planning Your Retirement Budget (2 min. read) For those on the cusp of retirement, or forced into earlier-than-expected retirement, you may have done some numbers in your head to figure out whether you will have “enough” saved and coming in (from Social Security, a pension, your 401K, or passive investments) to last through the

Considering Downsizing? Housing Market Trends

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Considering Downsizing? Housing Market Trends (2.5 minute read) The U.S. housing inventory is historically low; prices are strong versus historical rates, and prices are increasing in double digit increments annually in nearly every market. This real estate boom is resulting in faster sales times. The shortage of homes makes it hard to meet demand

The Vantage Way

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The Vantage Way  (4 min. read) As fee-based Wealth Advisors, we consistently meet and talk with new people every day. Some interactions are simply surface level that start and end in the same sentence. Others are icebreakers that end up being the beginning of a long-term relationship. Meeting new people is an important part

The Biden Administration’s Tax Proposals – Impacts to Consider

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The Biden Administration’s Tax Rate Proposals – Impacts to Consider (2 min. read) Naturally there is a great deal of speculation on the current capital gains tax increase proposal. Headlines in the news center on President Biden’s proposal to raise the U.S. capital gains tax rate for Americans earning $1 million per year or

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