Economic Update

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Economic Update Featuring Chris Shuba, CEO of Helios Quantitative. Dan Sinnen, Vantage Partner & Senior Wealth Advisor, speaks with Chris Shuba about the current market and the potential impact of the upcoming election and coronavirus. Chris Shuba:  "Our goal is to make sure the financial plan is achieved. The volatility we expect to see

My Cash is Earning Zero. Should I Change My Approach?

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My Cash is Earning Zero. Should I Change My Approach? Dan Sinnen, Vantage Partner & Senior Wealth Advisor With interest rates historically low, you are probably asking yourself, “How can I get more yield out of my bond and cash investments?” There are many alternatives that come to mind. Should we move safe bonds

Vantage Reads

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Articles and media that caught our attention this week: This week Josh does a deep dive into stock splits and talks with Peter Boockvar, editor of and CIO of Bleakley Advisory, about the economy, stagflation, and the bull market in gold. Warren Buffet doesn't care about stock splits, should you?: When Big

Vantage Reads

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Some articles and media we are paying attention to this week: Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz speaks with Robin King, chief executive officer of the Navy SEAL Foundation, which serves the Naval Special Warfare community and their families with specialized programs designed to improve health, build resiliency, preserve legacies, and empower and educate. Interview

What Can the Pandemic Teach Us About Risk?

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What Can the Pandemic Can Teach Us About Risk? Dan Sinnen, Partner & Senior Wealth Advisor Morgan Housel, leading finance author and one of my favorites, is recognized in our industry for his insight into investing and behavior. Having grown up a competitive skier, Morgan was asked during a conference what skiing had taught

Next Steps for Harley-Davidson Employees

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Planning Next Steps for Harley-Davidson Employees What is currently Happening? We understand this is an important time in your life. Working with a trusted financial planner helps you avoid costly mistakes and develop a successful financial plan. Whether you are thinking about retirement or were recently offered a severance package, it is very important

Navigating Aurora Retirement Plan Changes

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Attention Aurora Workers: Before you act, talk with a trusted advisor about your options. What is currently Happening? Advocate Aurora is implementing a platform change terminating its existing 403(b) incentive savings plan and offering the AAH 401(k) plan. With these changes, you are probably wondering what happens to my current plan and what are

The Vantage Way

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Wealth Advisor (Part 3 of 4) Andy Meyer, Partner & Senior Wealth Advisor As fee-based Wealth Advisors, we consistently meet and talk with new people every day. Some interactions are simply surface level that start and end in the same sentence. Others are icebreakers that end up being the beginning of a long-term relationship.

Vantage Reads

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Some articles and media we are paying attention to this week: Jeremy Siegel on the Stock Market Under Covid-19 (Podcast): America faces a hidden epidemic of loneliness that may make us more vulnerable to the pandemic. Impact of Isolation: Inflation Hype.  Will It be Different This Time?: Israel Shuts