Digital Fasting

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Digital Fasting (2-min. read) By Michael Franks, Vantage Senior Wealth Advisor Unplugging to regain self-control. Welcome to the cyborg age! I was waiting in the doctor’s office the other day and everyone, including myself, had their nose buried in a smartphone. We are constantly bombarded by information, most of which is not pertinent to our lives and out of our control. You probably have heard of intermittent fasting as it is all the rage, but what about digital fasting? Unplugging from all connected devices for a day or even a weekend has many benefits. Primarily, it

The Missing Link in Estate Planning

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Letter of Instruction: The Missing Link in Estate Planning By Christopher K. Johnson, CEP®, CRPC®, CLTC, AAMS®, AWMA® Ohio Regional Partner If you worked with your estate planning attorney and financial professional to create and update a complete plan, including a will and other estate documents, congratulations! You took care of an important, often neglected need. However, a glaring hole, if left unattended, can cause havoc for loved ones you leave. A letter of instruction helps fill that gap, potentially heading off future confusion and estate disputes. A non-legally binding document, this letter informs loved ones and other beneficiaries

2023 Housing Market with Julee Felsman

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2023 Housing Market with Julee Felsman of Guaranteed Rate.  Julee Felsman has been working as a lender for 29 years. With decades of industry experience, she has developed a passion for education and transparency in the lending process. Using her knack for creative problem-solving, she is able to help buyers, homeowners, and investors achieve their real estate goals. Julee has been recognized as part of the Scotsman Guide’s Top Originators, a member of Guaranteed Rate's Chairman Circle, and named Best Mortgage Broker in the Best of Portland Reader's Poll (Willamette Week, 2019 and 2020). If

Rising Interest Rates: Impact on Consumers and the Economy

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  Rising Interest Rates: Impact on Consumers and the Economy (2 min. read) Written by Vantage Wealth and Tax Advisor Jarrod Hart Interest rates hitting a 16-year high have raised concerns about the impact on the economy and consumers. The Federal Reserve's decision to raise interest rates is aimed at tackling rising inflation, which has been a persistent concern since the economy reopened in mid-2021. While the Federal Reserve initially believed that inflation was transitory, eight interest rate increases later, they are now taking a more proactive approach to combat inflation. The recent decrease in the

Credit Card Points and Management with Bryce Conway

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Credit Cards Points and Management with Bryce Conway Founder of, Bryce Conway will teach you the basics in this free, virtual session. Get the answers on which credit cards to use and when, how to earn an abundance of points and miles without flying, how to redeem existing points for maximum value, and more. Bryce has been using points and miles to travel all over the world with his family for nearly a decade. An Ohio native, Bryce now teaches this skill to hundreds of thousands of people every year. Disclosure:  All statements should

Money-Saving Tax Planning with Amanda Stark

2023-04-24T16:56:48-05:00By |News| Money-Saving Tax Planning with Amanda Stark This tax planning webinar is what your money and hard work deserves. Vantage Tax Planning Strategist and Wealth Advisor Amanda Stark (Carroll University '18) shares money-saving tax strategies young professionals should take advantage of while discussing tax basics to put your mind at ease. Highlights include benefits to ROTH's, 401Ks, college savings plans, tax brackets and more. Disclosure:  All statements should not be construed as investment financial advice and is for informational purposes only. Please speak with your financial advisor for advice specific to your situation.

Your Superpower: Sleep

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  Your Superpower: Sleep (1 min. read) by Michael Franks, Vantage Senior Wealth Advisor A question that is on many people’s minds: Will my healthcare costs bankrupt me and my family in retirement? There are many advantageous financial instruments that can help protect your legacy and family. Taking better care of ourselves is something we all can do. One of the top habits for your health you can start today is getting enough quality sleep. Poor and inadequate sleep has been linked to many health issues, such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Three things you

Financial Advantage

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Financial Advantage With the Right Local Advisor, Time Is on Your Side (2 min. read) Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle, Article by Bill Furbee Photography by Matthew J Capps Business Image Services “Financial planning is not a one-time project that you can complete, put on the shelf, and move on with your life,” says Vantage Financial Co-Owner and Wealth Advisor Andy Meyer. “It’s an ongoing puzzle—pieces can be added, changed, or removed.” Thankfully, Vantage Financial enables its clients to manage that financial puzzle with confidence. What began as a family business more than three decades

2023 Market Update Webinar

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2023 Market Update Webinar  What does the 2023 Market look like, and what does this mean for you? Senior Wealth Advisors Jeremy Gardener and Chris Johnson speak with Matt O'Bryon, an Investment Analyst at Dynamic Alpha Solutions with over fifteen years of experience, to breakdown 2023 market projections and what this market means for those retiring, working, and just breaking into the workplace. 2023 Market Outlook Link Disclosure:  All opinions expressed are the personal opinions of Matt O’Bryon and do not reflect the opinions of Vantage Financial or Dynamic Alpha Solutions. All statements

Maximizing Your 2023 Retirement Contributions

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  Maximizing Your 2023 Retirement Contributions (1 min. read)  By Michael Franks, Vantage Senior Wealth Advisor 2023 is off with a bang, and with this year comes beneficial changes to your retirement accounts. Retirement is the top financial goal for most individuals and couples and the increased amount they can save in their retirement accounts will go a long way to hitting their long-term retirement goals as well as decreasing what they pay in today’s taxes. 401(k), 403(b) and most 457 plans as well as the Federal government’s Thrift Savings Plan saw a healthy increase from

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