Wealth Advisor (Part 4 of 4)

Jesse Niederbaumer, Managing Partner & Senior Wealth Advisor 

As a firm, we strongly believe that everyone needs to work with someone like us. “Why do I need you?” you might ask. There are very few “one person shows” who achieve ultimate success. How can you be expected, with everything that you juggle in your normal life (kids, grandkids, work, church, volunteering, COVID-19, etc.) to stay on top of all financial topics from work benefits, taxes, investments, and everything in between?

We are your partner. You are our partner. It is mutual. Think of it like this…
Batman and Robin
Harry Potter, Hermione & Ron Weasely
Michael Jordan & Scottie Pippen
Scooby-Doo & Shaggy (Yes, I have little kids who love Scooby-Doo.)

Are any of these greats as good without a partner? We know that answer.

What role do you want us to play in your investment plan? Are we the supporting role? Fine by us. Need a director? Let’s go, we are ready. We clearly define our relationship with you and then expect that we will both play our roles.

For some clients, we are their financial head coach. We discuss strategy, call the plays and execute. These clients are all in. We meet 3-4 times a year and communicate frequently.

In other instances, we play a specific role. Some clients prefer to manage their own investments. That’s fine with us. We will coordinate your investment strategy into your financial plan and monitor with you. Investing is the topic that most people associate with financial planning and while it is important, so are all the other financial topics:

1) Investment analysis (Expense Audit, Allocation Assessment, Asset Management)
2) Accumulation goals (Priorities, Cash Flow/Budgeting, Education Funding, Tax Efficient Savings)
3) Retirement planning (Goal Development, Social Security & Medicare Analysis, Distribution Plan)
4) Risk analysis (Personal Balance Sheet, Insurance Coverage Review, Tax Strategies)
5) Estate planning (Wills & Legal Document Review, Develop Legacy Plan, Wealth Transfer)

Do you have a plan for each of these areas? If you have in the past, when is the last time you reviewed your plan? Life doesn’t stop. Strategy and execution need to be real-time and nimble.

This is the value in working with us as your Wealth Advisor.

Expectations. Transparency. Process. Consistency.

Give yourself 5 minutes after reading this to complete a quick self-assessment. How confident are you in your financial plan? Do you have defined investment goals? Does your current financial advisor use a disciplined process and regularly communicate with you? What fees are you paying? Have you experienced any life changes that should be discussed? Who is acting as your fiduciary?

Go ahead and email us to start a conversation. Our initial consultation is free. Get ready to gain confidence and experience a much different approach – The Vantage Way.


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