Don’t Just Focus on the Win by Ben Uphoff
Vantage Partner & Wealth Advisor (1 minute read)

Winning? Everyone wants to win, but the hard part is having the will to prepare to win…as Vince Lombardi once said.

Whether your “win” a trophy at the end of a race, a promotion at work, or a portfolio that provides stability and security for you, it is important to focus on more than just getting the win. Sometimes, we become so focused on the result of reaching a goal that we forget why we wanted it or what got us there. It is important to take a step back and acknowledge the reason you set the goal in the first place as well as the discipline needed to help you achieve it.

The hard parts of winning include consistency over time, patience, remaining focused on the fundamentals, and adhering to the process. Results don’t always come at once and that is ok. The “elite” people in their fields may have certain advantages over others, but they still must focus and be steadfast through adversity.

If you look at your investment portfolio and fixate solely on this stock or that stock bringing a payload, you lose sight of the real goal of financial security. That target looks different for everyone, but the process and work required is similar for most.

A plan is essential; it needs to be prepared, and it involves learning and evolving along the way. Some call this strategic agility. If you are on step A and only focusing on step Z, you will inevitably leave something out that is important to you. Sitting still and thinking about the whole process is essential preparation.

Everything takes time and so does winning. It is natural to want to win, just enjoy the process as you go.


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