Planning Next Steps for P&G Employees

What is currently happening?

We understand this is an important time in your life. Working with a trusted financial planner helps you avoid costly mistakes and develop a successful financial plan. Whether you are thinking about retirement or are newly-eligible employee looking at all of the options P&G offers in its comprehensive benefit program, including short-term achievement (STAR) awards, the company’s retirement plan, stock purchase program, medical and life insurance, and other rewards and incentives, it is very important to make the best decisions for your family.

We’ve helped many P&G employees as they transition into their next chapter, whether it’s a new role with the company, a richer understanding of benefits available, or a shift into retirement and estate planning – and we can help you navigate this road.

We can help P&G employees answer the following questions (or questions you have that are specific to your offer):

Tax planning
• How will my benefits package affect my taxes?

There are many aspects to think about when it comes to your benefits package, your pension, stock acquisition plan, and your retirement savings plan. Before you make any decisions, it is important to understand how each of these options can impact your financial future.

Stock options
• Do I have too much exposure in one company?
• Should I add to or take profits from my stock?
• Do I take or defer my incentive bonus payout?

401(k) options
• Should I roll my 401(k) into an IRA? What is the right timing to plan for a rollover?
• At what point do I start education accounts and what are the right ones for my family?
• Do I leave my 401(k) with my employer? Is there a benefit?

Should I take my pension in a lump sum pension or annuity payout?
• What is the best start date? Does it have to be right away?
• Should I take a lump sum? When? Do I pay taxes on the amount?

Deferred compensation
• How does this work with my P&G pension?
• How will this affect my taxes?

What are some ways to achieve goals for charitable giving and estate planning that take full advantage of opportunities and limit risks?

Each person’s situation is unique. We put your interests first to customize a strategy that will ensure your success. As your trusted partner, we will walk through all the scenarios to make sure you have the best financial plan possible to meet your specific goals and needs. We are here to help. The initial consultation is free, so let’s start a conversation.

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