Planning Next Steps for SC Johnson Employees
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What is currently happening?

We understand this is an important time in your life. As a fiduciary financial advisor, we are ready to help you avoid costly mistakes and make a successful financial plan. When you are contemplating retirement, it is incredibly important to make the best decisions for your family. We’ve helped many SCJ employees transition into retirement or their next chapter in life, and we can successfully navigate this road with you as well.

Here are ways we help SCJ employees:

Should you take Lump sum pension or annuity option?
• Start date? Do I have to start right away?
• Should I take the lump sum? When?

Deferred Compensation
• How do I combine this with my pension?
• What will my tax situation look like?
• Time frame on deferrals
a. When do they start in the future?
b. How do we compliment this with retirement income and taxes?

What do I do with my 401(k)?
• Roll into an IRA?
• What if I leave my 401(k) with my employer? Is there a benefit?
• Can excess non-qualified contributions be rolled over into a ROTH?

Navigating Stock Options
• Phantom shares
• Incentive bonus payouts

Retiree Medical Savings Account
• How do the values work?
• Spousal account
• Navigate Mercer and how it works with Medicare and supplemental coverage.

Tax Planning
• Incentive payments
• Stock payout
• July/December profit sharing

You will have some very important decisions to make about pension options, stock plans, and your retirement savings plan. Before making any decisions, it is imperative you have a clear understanding of these areas and how they can impact your financial plan.

We help dozens of people retire each week. Every day we help clients navigate tax planning, deferred compensation plans, stock options, investment management, and strategic income planning.

Each person’s situation is unique. We walk through all the scenarios with you to customize a strategy that ensures your best interests come first. As your partner, we help you make decisions with confidence.

You get one chance at this. Let’s work together to make your next chapter a success.

The initial consultation is free, so let’s start a conversation.

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